Senator Alexander,

I am writing you, as thousands of others have, over the growing concerns as to what is happening to our country. What happened at Sandy Hook was and is a dark day in American history as well as several other recent similar events. Even though terrible, these kinds of events have been happening throughout history. There is evil in the world. This evil is not being punished like it should be. Instead the good people and the good deeds that they do are being punished instead. Forgive me in thinking this is a little backwards. I am a firm believer and advocate of the gun and the 2nd Amendment, because in the event that you or your family is in a life or death situation, a gun IS the only thing that CAN and WILL save your life. I am the ripe old age of 28 years old. I know I am not that old but I have been around long enough to know how the world works. I have owned and used firearms responsibly for probably 18 of those 28 years and have not broken any firearms laws or had one single accident firearm related as have thousands of other fellow Tennesseans and Americans. To punish the law abiding citizens for the wrong doing of criminals would only tell us that what we think is happening to our country is coming true. You probably do not need a history lesson Mr. Alexander, but brave Americans, back to the days of the Revolution, have fought, lived and died by the gun, to give us this great land we live in today. It was them AND the gun that did that for US. Take away our rights, not just the 2nd Amendment, and it will be as if their blood flowed for nothing. The US Constitution and the Bill of Rights were written by some of the greatest minds this country has known. It has guided us through many tough times in American history and the reason for that is because they knew what could and possibly would happen in years to come. They lived it once and had the insite to write it down so it would not happen again. WE THE PEOPLE are becoming a very slim few. I will proudly remain in that few. I am afraid Mr. Alexander. I am afraid that once this train of rights removal gets into motion it will not be stopped only to crash and burn and consume us all. There are no more undiscovered lands to claim and call America. We must protect what we have here and now. I sincerely hope, as a man with the political position such as yourself, that you will do everything in yours powers to uphold the Constitution and the people who still abide by it. If you can't sir, myself and all who are with me will do everything we can to find someone that will, to fill your place at the next gathering at the polls. I know you are a busy man Mr. Alexander, but I would like to have a personal account of your views on the matter. Thank you sir.

A truly GOD fearing American,
Fellow Tennessean
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