My inlaws have seen this deer for a while and told me they really wanted my son to get him for his first buck. He killed his first doe when be was 7 with his 243 and has killed 2 more the past 2 years with my encore muzzleloader. He'll be 10 in March. So if I counted correctly this afternoon was the 11th time we've gone after him. Seen him a fee times but no shot. That all changed this afternoon. He had a basketball game and we went over after that and got in the blind at 3:00. About 4:40 I see two does making their way up the field toward us and then there he was right behind them. I grabbed the gun and put it on the shooting sticks and told Benjamin to grab it and get ready. He got to about 30 yards but coming right at us when he decided something! wasn't right. He turned and started to trot off so i gave him the ole behhhh with my mouth. He stopped but straight away so as he took a step I did it again and he turned back so he was quartering away. I told him to put it behind the shoulder and squeeze. About 2 seconds later I saw the big mule kick and he took off but folded up about 100 yards out. We didn't see him go down due to a big cedar tree but it didn't take long to see that white belly. To say I was and am stoked is an understatement. He was 163 lbs on the hoof with an inside spread right at 19". His g2's are almost 11". Here are a few pics.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.