Well, as most of you know, I was only home from Afghanistan from the 22nd of Dec until this past Sunday. With travelling back and forth to Indiana for the holidays, I was very limited in the amount of time I had to hit the woods.

But I cherish that time no matter how short it is - there is no better therapy in my opinion; no matter what I've had to put up with thru the year, some time in the woods lets me recharge.

My main goal for the year was to get my wife her first deer. She has been hunting with me the past three years and had yet to seal the deal. Well, this year that all changed! She ended up with a total of four deer (and her first deer was a small buck that she is sooo proud of, lol).

Thanks to Justin (jmb4wd) for his help with the food plots again this year!

Here is the spike - not much of a picture, we weren't able to find it the first two days and ended up having some help from the buzzards to locate it:

Here are pics of two of the does she got, didn't end up with pics of the third:

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