I want to build a shooting house that allows me to shoot prone. Reason being is I have some shots up to 600 yards. I shoot long range quite often with my rifle with bipod and the weapons Uncle Sam lets me use. I'm thinking a 7x7 floor so my barrel doesn't hang out of the blind. The roof I guess I can call it that lol, will be 8x8 to allow for shading in the blind. I want to put enough slope in the roof so I can sit up in the middle and not hit my head lol. The gap from the base of the roof to the floor will be 2 1/2 feet. with a 2x4 on narrow side at edges on each side of the floor. I have enough camo netting to drape from corner to corner to hide my silhouette. Now I just have to figure out how high to put it up. I'm thinking 10 feet may go less as I don't want to mess up my close range shots. What yall think?
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