A year ago the land owner of the farm I hunt had it selectively logged. That didn't seem to cause to much of an impact on the deer. Well this year he opened it up to allow people to cut firewood during the week and them I hunted it in the weekends. Of course the started about the time the season opened and are still out there. I saw a few deer at the start of bow season but they kept dwindling down. For the last month I have not seen a single deer. My cameras which normally had a lot of pictures have not had a single one. I really think the wood cutters and the hunting pressure has run them off to neighboring farms most of which did not allow hunting.

With a food source (plots) and once the wood cutters leave how long until the deer return? Will I be ok next year?

Also I do not blame him one bit for the wood cutting. They are helping clean the tops up left by the loggers. I would have done the same thing.