the problem is i had someone call me last night about trapping feral hogs on his land. Well i told i would be happy to come and trap and kill them in the trap to help him get rid of them.

well i told him the steps he needed to take on getting a permit to get me and my brothers in there to trap and kill them out.Well he told me that he did not want them killed he wanted them trapped and hauled to a other place.

Well thats when i tried telling him that TWRA will not allow someone to transport wild feral hogs to other places to be turned loose.he still tried to get me to trap them and transport them to somewhere else and turn them loose. and i told him that i couldn't not do that that is against TWRA and they will take everything i have.

Well he started talking really ticked sounding and said he will trap them his self and turn them loose somewhere else i told him good luck and we hung up.He would give me a name or anything that was the first thing i tired to get where i can look up where he lives and get some maps of the his place.

I want to know what kind of trouble can you really get in too if you get caught transporting wild feral hogs to a other place and turn them loose?