Here are a few pictures from the farm this season. This is our 4th season since buying the place and it is getting better every year. I will try to keep them in chronological order but some pics will be of the same deer.

Bow season.

Dads kill on his birthday.

My doe.

Youth weekend. Unfortunately the deer werent moving much for us that weekend. The boys had fun though!

Muzzle loader season!

Shot this buck while hunting with my father in law trying to get him a buck. His gun misfired so after a few seconds I decided to shoot the deer.

Rifle season. This was one of the best rifle seasons I can remember. Weather was perfect and rut was at its peak on opening morning.

My opening morning buck!

Dads opening morning buck. He is holding mine in his right hand and his is in his left.

Me with both deer.

Next morning I shot a real nice buck. It grossed 144 7/8 and is my biggest to date. He had another buck with him almost the same size. Had trail cam pics of him a few years ago.

Brother in law shot his first deer ever. Its the 3 pt on the left.

Here is the weekend total.

Dad got his second buck in December. We didnt hunt much since the gun opener.

Here is my father in law. He didnt get a buck this year but he had several opportunities.

Some turnips off one plot.

Finished the season off with a trip to LA to go after some pigs. I ended up shooting the deer and my buddy shot the boar.