Well as some of you know I posted a few weeks ago about having my local forester come out and look at my property to see about improving my timber stand and for wildlife management (mainly deer). Brief summary of my property, 36 acres bought by my parents in 1997. Has no ha timber cut off of it in some 40 years talking to the elderly gentleman down the road. He told me that the top part of our property the flat bill top was farmed for corn back in the 20's 30's and 40's and some time in the 49's they let the 10-12 acres go and become overgrown.
Back to my report, my local forester is Steven Pearlis and first off me me say I was impressed with him and his knowledge and he broke everything down for me and options for both timber stand improvement and wildlife management. So turns out from both perspectives my property has a lot of undesirable trees for both.. I have very few oaks, white or red and a few chestnut oaks, my main desirable timbe I have a good stand of is yellow poplar and we did locate along the edges of the old field 100 or more persimmon trees. I have never found a single persimmon on the property and he attributed that to the competition of all the other timber around it.. He said there is no way with all those trees that I don't have a female persimmon tree. The bulk of my 36 acres those is mainly beech, hickory, gum, sycamore, cedar and viginia pine. From a timber stand point there very undesirable and also from a wildlife stand point they are as well.. He suggested that I either have a logger come out and clear cut some areas or harvest a lot of my undesirable trees for chip wood. Also suggested that I remove 50% of my cedar & pine thicket to allow natural growth to come back up and then do a prescribed burn in that area after the first growing season.. Do to my lack of oaks on the property he suggested that of my clear cuts I go back after the first growing season and find what oaks I have that regenerate and removing any competition from around them to ensure they grow but that I will prob end up having to plant my own oaks as I really have no regeneration process of oaks with the lack of oaks that I have.. He also recommended that first and foremost I needed to start by cutting and treating all my beech trees to start.. He is going to draft up a management plan for both timber and deer and tr and implement both of them or at least give me some options I can go with.. Now don't hold me to everything I said cause I may have missed something or forgot or misinterputed it. We talked about a lot in those 2hrs so I have a lot going thru my head. Anyway I have a lot of work to do on my property to start my improvement process. I look fwd to getting my report in the mail from him.. Awesome guy and I would recommend him to anybody needing some advice..