Well had a good season this year. The hi light to my season was my son taking his first buck on his first trip out! I was very blessed this year to have taken 3 bucks, a 4 point, an 8 point, and my best to date, a 144 6\8 inch 10 pointer. I was also blessed with a triple on the hunt with J.W.308. The day I shot the 8 I got a double with the doe I took 10 minutes after the 8 took his dirt nap. All in all i took 9 (as best as i can recall. Might be 1 or 2 more in there) does and 3 bucks. My son took 2 bucks, a four point and his first being a 5 pointer with a busted brow tine that missed the 1" mark by 1\4. I was also fortunate to be able to take a few kids this year and they were able to take a few does. Not to mention making some new friends this year and hunting buddies. My daughter has decided she wants to hunt the juvi hunt this weekend and a buddy of mine has asked me to take his son as well due to him having to work, so the totals could go up over the weekend. I will update after the juvi. Got high hopes for my daughter to take a wall hanger that has been hanging around.

My sons 5 pointer

The 8 pointer

And here is the big 10 pointer !!
Luck is where preparation and opportunity meet

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