So I went Saturday to try and top off the freezer for the year. I had been seeing about 10 does and I was hoping to take two. I only managed one due to being busted by her when she was sniffing the trunk of my tree. When she saw me and blew/flagged/ran, she stopped about 50 yds trying to encourage the others to flee. I dropped her and the woods lit alive with running deer. Now, to my discovery.

Having taken down somewhere around 50 deer in my life and processing every single one myself I would say I'm pretty familiar with whats inside one. This time however, I made a strange discovery. Right in the middle of lower cavity she had two football shaped water bags about the size of a nerf toy football. After a closer look they were attached to the genital tract and it was evident what I had found. It appears she was pregnant. Now I wish I had taken a different one, but obviously could not have foreseen this. Guess that's just what happens in late season kills. Anyone else see this?

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