I could not guess within 5,000 rounds how many rounds I fired in `12,,I am gonna try and keep records this year..

I know I shot my CZ 527 V 223 16-1700 rounds
Savage 338 Lapua 800 rounds
25-06 200 rounds
AR15 600 rounds

all 22 LR,,6,000 rounds Subsonic Match type ammo
18-20,000 rounds 36-40 gr bulk ammo

thats a rough guesstimate of somewhere around 22-25,000 rounds fired last year all be it a majority of it was 22,,but believe me most of it was stretched to the limit,,

just today I was shooting the CZ 455 Varmint with Bushnell Elite 3200 10X scope from 200-400 yards,,I was doin drills and zeroed the gun at 300 and was trying to hold under at 200 and over at 400 and make hits without adjusting the knobs,,

hopefully I will be blessed enough to shoot even more this year.
gun junky