January 8, 2013

Mr. Jonathan Leonard

Dear Jonathan,

Thank you for sharing your feelings regarding the tragic shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. I was horrified by this attack that left twenty-eight dead. My thoughts and prayers are for the victims and those who now live with their loss.

As we learn more about the tragedy in Newtown, I think we must look closely at the behavior of isolated young men who develop an obsession with violence. We should ask the leaders of the entertainment industry whether they would want their children--or those who might harm their children--to watch the increasingly violent video games and movies that they pour into our culture. This is not the only cause of violence in our society but it is one important cause. Connecticut has strong gun laws. The problem is not with the gun but with the person pulling the trigger.

This is a terrible event for our nation and we must find appropriate ways to respond. Iím grateful youíve shared your reactions with me and will keep them in mind as we move forward.

gun junky