Has anyone ever read anything about this topic? It's interesting. It's funny how you can start talking about "Big Oil (the edible kind)" after reading this \:\)


A co-worker forwarded the link to me. He and I have been talking a lot about food and how it affects our health.

It's not exactly "new" news, but at the same time it's not widely understood either. Although this particular site's post is directed at butter in particular, similar parallels can be drawn to everything that we eat (natural vs. reduced calorie processed alternatives).

Just because some guy on a TV show says that this manufactured "substitute" is better for you doesn't mean that it really is. The artificial ingredients in things are not well understood before being approved for human consumption. Artificial ingredients may not all be bad, but they are foreign enough to all be called into question. They don't do 20-year studies on all those ingredients to figure out what the long-term effects are.

Which brings me to my family's dietary "New Year's resolution" - to focus on eating more natural and healthy foods, and less processed junk.
I'm hungry and tired. Don't poke my belly.