Opening day bow season 2010:
One of our members shoots a drop tine buck in a food plot. The hunter is self videoing his hunt and is able to review film, but the angle is bad and he can't tell exactly where he hit the buck. Three days later during daylight, the buck returns to the plot and we get another pic of him with arrow still dangling.

The deer is searched for by several people and never found. While looking for sheds and during turkey seasons (2011 & 2012)the hunter continues to search for the skeleton, but never finds it. The area is close to camp and we never see any buzzards circling. We all figure he'll never be found...

January 5, 2013
While searching for another deer, a member finds the skull of the droptine buck! It is laying on top of a pile of dirt next to a creek that is about 1/8 mile from where he was shot. Since there was no other bones laying around, we suspect that a coyote dropped the skull there.

Needless to say, we had a very happy hunter! Jawbone was still intact and buck was aged to be 3-1/2.

Randy and Droptine by Bullet Hunting Club, on Flickr

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