Archery season
105.5 hrs on stand
31 different stands
Total deer seen 41
7 bucks which 4 was 6pts,1 was a spike,1 was a 4pt
3 fawns
11 was unknown
killed a 6pt and a spike and doe and lost a 6pt due to bad shot placement
27.75 hrs on stand
10 different stands
total deer seen 23
20 doe
2 bucks which was a 7pt and a 10pt
1 unknown
killed a doe missed the 7pt and lost the big 10 due to my stupidity
Rifle season
21 different stands
total 10 does
thats my year its been a rough one not a lot of deer seen here is the kill pic how did everybody elso do

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judge if you want were all going to die i intend to deserve it