In the Cooking Forum, I posted some pics and recipe of a whole neck roast stew I did yesterday:

Neck roast have a good bit of fat pockets buried in them, so naturally, when I pulled the leftovers out of the fridge tonight, there was a layer of rendered fat across the top like a sheet of ice. I began to break it up to throw away and, as I was holding a flake of pure, rendered deer fat, I decided to take a bite of it. I have never actually taken a bite of pure deer fat before, much less rendered fat or "tallow", which is concentrated.

Hunters always talk about how "gamey" deer fat is, how it will ruin your meals. I admit, it has been hammered into my head that it tastes "nasty". Did I know this for myself? No, though I have had good success cooking eating deer ribs which, most hunters will tell you is nothing short of dog food. (again, I dare say that most, if not all hunters who say that deer ribs are dog food have actually eaten deer ribs before).

So, show of hands. Who has actually eaten pure deer fat before? Because, I just ate it and it was not gamey at all. In fact, it tasted like venison. If you have not eaten deer fat before, how do you know that it is gamey? How do you know that it is nasty? And, if you have not eaten it before, do you even get to have an opinion that matter?
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