So I decided to take the last Saturday of the deer season and head down to the lease I'm on in Bucksnort. The morning started off as any other morning, up early and cup of coffee. I got dressed and grabbed everything I needed and headed out the door. Started the truck and hooked up to my trailer then loaded my 4 wheeler up (should have done that the night before)... I arrived at the camp around 0545 with plenty of time to get to my stand before light.. Changed my boots and loaded everything on my 4wheeler and got ready for the 1 mile ride to the spot I wanted to hunt. And as my luck would have it my 4 wheeler won't start. Well my morning went from great to sucks in 20 seconds.. After fooling around for 20 minutes I finally figured out that my starter solenoid is out.. Well I had already drove this far and done this much that I was bound and determined to hunt, so I used the only thing I had available a pair of pliers with no grip and just bare metal, bypassed the starter solenoid and she started rite up along with the tingling in my right hand. I arrived at my stand at about 645 and slipped in and got comfortable only to realize an hour later the wind had switched on the backside of this ridge and instead of being a southeast wind it was straight out of the east and I had a deer blowing down wind of me.. I decided I was going to go ahead and stick it out and continue to hunt till 1030 then I would have to head back home. Well I didn't see anything all morning not even a squirrel, but along about 955 j hear something coming up the draw directly behind me and I peer around the tree to see a doe coming my way. Picked up my 30-30 and got ready. Turns out this happened to be one of the largest groups of deer that I have ever seen together all said and done i had 17 deer in almost a single file line. 16 does and a spike, I picked the biggest doe out and let her rip and off the doe ran acting like she wasn't hit. I thought no way, 20yd shot just great, I cycled another shell hoping to try and shoot another doe but the spike was the only one I could get a shot off on. Well young bucks get a pass and away all the deer went, waited about 20 minutes and climbed down and walked to wear the doe stood and what do you know I found blood and good blood. She went maybe 50yds after the shot and pretty much in the deepest hole on the property (just my luck).... Been a weird I guess bad year for me as far as seeing deer but I did kill 3 including a good 3.5 y/o 8pt I have some history with over the last 2 years.. So I'm gonna thank God for giving me another season to enjoy and to have some success doing what I love.. Getting ready for next year starts Monday! [img]http://[/img]

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