Its always weird to me to be waking up on the last day of the season and realize its almost over. Kinda bitter sweet in a way.I get to start sleeping in (till at least 7 that is) which i know my wife enjoys and i must admit i do too.But know I'll spend the next few months thinking bout the ones i didnt get a shot at and hoping they made it through the season until I start getting photos and sheds from them.But I always like to use the last day in the woods to look back on all the ones I've seen from the stand and the ones I was lucky enough to take. Not to mention all the other encounters with animals from red tail hawks landing on my stand to seeing my first wild bald eagle and bobcats. All in all its been a good year. was lucky enough to take two good bucks (by my standards) and a doe.I usually have a higher number for the season but falling into my new lazy/picky standard of the way i hunt i dont consider it too bad.But this morning any doe or scrub buck that wslks out and gives me an opportunity will be in trouble. Good luck to all going out this last day of season and be careful.