been a long but good day. I headed up to houston county to hunt with hunter drew. Right after first light he shot him one then about 7 19 ish i had one step out in the field about 189 yds i squeezed off and she didnt run 40 yds.

the we headed off to the main st diner in erin and had a late breakfast and met up with a co worker of mine that has land out that way. it was a great brunch and drew got to hear some wild tales

then we went out to an eve spot that produced several squirrels but no deer

quote of the day

drew " if you need to stop and take a break .. just let me know.. im used to hunting with my dad"

i now feel old good times lol

9th different county this year

rem 700 bdl ss 7 SAUM
ziess 6.5-20x50
168 berger over RE22 2765 fps mel vel

Drew and his deer

Drag Racing

Spending money I dont have

on things I dont need

to impress people I dont know