Had plans to take my 8 year old girl out today. She wanted to go hunting with daddy. I got up a little late but still early enough to get to spot before sunrise. She got up and dressed but laid back down and got comfy. I let her stay in bed and went out alone.

On way to the stand I met a nice doe on the path. I raised up and got the scope on her at about 75 yds. Never turned broadside, and I didn't want to risk a head on shot standing with no rest. Let her go.

Got to stand at 7:00 and at 8:15 had 7 or more does walk out of the woods over 175 yards away. They hung out for about 20-30 minutes and then quietly went back into the woods the way they came. Had the scope on one but that is a little over my max distance for the slug gun I was using. About an hour later another group of 10 ladies came out of the woods on the opposite side of the clearing. these were a bit closer 150 yards or so. I watched them for a while hoping they would get a little closer. I realized that they were not coming any closer. I felt comfortable shooting this range, especially with a rest. I put the crosshairs on the closest one and let one go. I saw and heard the hit and she bolted into the woods about 50 yards. Not too far, but it was straight down a steep holler.

It was a good hit, but a little toward the rear. Hit both lungs and went through.

Weighed 112 lbs gutted and tenderloins removed. Seemed like 312 getting her out of the abyss .

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