Im gonna swear by Tamiflu in the absence of getting a flu year I am getting the flu shot. Wednesday, I developed a fever that was over 102 and immediately went to the doc. Spent the rest of the day on the couch either freezing or sweating. Thursday, did the same but not as bad. Friday, developed a mild case of the runs. Today, still filling a bit under the weather, more of a drained feeling so its pretty tolerable. The doc said I came in early enough that the Tamiflu should work and so far, the symptoms have been greatly reduced.

If you are thinking you have the flu, get to the doc as soon as you can. He stated that the tamiflu works for most people if they get in earlier than later, one or two days later and it wont work.

Another thing that seemed to help is "grazing" (small amounts a few times a day) on bread, rice and crackers and constantly sipping gatorade. Having a drinking bottle that I keep by my side made it easier to stay hydrated.

Having been able to spend time watching the morning TV, Today Show said it is gonna be a long flu season and they got the right vaccine this year, it may not be to late get a flu shot if you havnt gotten it already.