Just got my car back a few weeks ago from being worked on. Well I was on my way home from my friends house and the speed limit on the road is 45 I hate driving at night so I was going about 35/40 and this stupid dog stood in the road and I plowed over it! The dog was black/brown and I didn't see it until it was to late aint no way im taking a ditch to further ruin my car. Not sure if I killed it but my whole bottom of my car is trashed. Bumper is completely hanging and no telling what could be messed up under there. There are a few houses in a row on the road and had I not pulled over and Josh talked some sense into me I think I would have gone on a rampage! If it wouldn't have been so late I would have been beating on some folks doors!
Bows, guns, havin fun, let's get some huntin done!

'PR' Elmore's Pumped Up Cricket

If you ain't never come down with this disease, you ain't ever
climbed up in a tree!