A couple of weeks ago I asked how to stop a running coyote. Was told to bark at them, but be ready.
Well, today I had another chance. Crossbow hunting from a climber and heard him working the woods. Came right towards me. I barked once when he was 20yds away. He stopped and looked right at me, presenting a good broadside. As the arrow went, he was wheeling away. Not sure where arrow hit, but shaft broke, no broadhead, and massive blood. Continued to deer hunt for a couple of hours.
Trailed him for about 300yds, with him leaving more blood than any deer. He buried himself into the worst woods, vines, thorns, with me crawling to get through. Had to put another shot into him, although he was done for.
Found the arrow had hit him in the right side of the head, through the eye, down the skull and into the shoulder, clipping jugular vein. All his blood was in his coat.
Dang expensive coyote, with losing 2 arrow sets, but quite different than deer!

To a deer, every human is a stump.
To a turkey, every stump is a human.