I have been chasing this deer for over a month! I picked him up on 3 of my trail cameras back in late November. I saw him once in early December but he was out of bow range. I saw him another time in mid December, but could not get the shot on video so I passed. I've been after him hard ever since, always carrying my bow and my video camera. Well, today was my last day to hunt (taking my son over the weekend), so I decided to go for broke. I took my rifle and left the camera at home. I have been hunting the edge of this deer's bedding area and today I decided to just go right into the middle of it - what the heck, right? I even brought some Tinks 69 and put out a tarsal gland about 25 yards from my tree.

About 3:15 two does and a spike showed up and walked right under me. They throw their heads up and take off. I hear a beagle barking and then deer start running everywhere. He shows up a couple minutes later howling at the top of his lungs. He's got a collar and as an owner of a black lab, I just can't shoot dogs on my farm, especially if they have a collar. Call me weak, I just can't do it. Now I'm thinking my hunt is probably screwed up, but I remember my days in South Alabama on deer drives and how deer always seemed to show up after the dogs came through, so I stayed put.

About 4:45 3 gobblers come by me and spot me in the tree. They start making a bunch of noise and eventually move on. It's getting dark, but it's my last day so I stay a little longer. I look up and coming straight from my down wind side is a deer. I put my binoculars on the deer and recognize him instantly - it's the 9 point I've been after! He is cautious and stops behind a tree at about 50 yards. He stands there for a few minutes and I get my gun ready. He continues towards me and eventually works his way up to the tarsal gland I put out. He is facing me the entire time, but eventually turns and gives me a shot at about 25 yards. (This is when I was really wishing I had my bow and my video camera) I shoot, he kicks and runs off. I hear him crash a few seconds later. I waited about 20 minutes and start trailing him. Blood is everywhere and it was a pretty easy tracking job. I found him about 60 yards later and was so pumped that after chasing this buck for over a month, I finally had his antlers in my hands. What a way to end the season! Hopefully my son will have some luck over the weekend and we will get it on video! Either way, I can't wait til September!

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