Dear Senator Corker,
I had recently sent you an e-mail about the gun control and received back a generic e-mail saying that you would e-mail me back in regards to my concerns on this matter. I have yet to hear anything back from you and would like to know what is going on with our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.
I suggest that instead of taxing the people that have guns you should tax the Americans that choose not to have a gun. If more people had guns and were given the proper training, I feel it could save all of us money by reducing the need for more law enforcement. I am sure that if more people were to have there CCP it would lessen the amount of mass shootings, and this as Im sure you know can be backed up by the statistics of states that CCP are more readily available. When people die in a car crash we don't go after the car makers or the gas companies. Banning guns will not fix this problem and will only mean the people who are, honest, law abiding citizens will be without guns. Banning drugs is a prime example of this approach not being the answer to this, not to mention many more things that I could list to back up my line of thinking. Please use the power that you were granted by the people of this great State to protect our rights to your fullest legal power.

Kind regards, and may God be with you in this matter,

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