Recipe is pretty simple. If I can do it, anybody can.

Cut duck breasts into small piecese about the size of your finger. (Make sure you feel for any steel shot left in there)

I actually put them in a bowl of cold water in the fridge overnight and added a little salt.

A couple of hours before cooking time I drain the water, throw in some Adolf's Meat Tenderizer and cover with Allegro Marinade Hot and Spicy.

After it marinates for a couple of hours. Take a bag of Louisiana Fish Fry New Orleans Style and put in a ziploc. Throw the duck in the bag and close it tightly and shake it around covering the meat completely.

Get a large cast iron skillet and put 1/2" vegetable oil in and put the stove on 4 or 5 (medium). Let oil heat.

Drop a bit of the fish fry into the oil, if it starts to bubble around it, its ready to fry.

Once you are ready to start frying, place the duck into the oil for two minutes on each side. Do not overcook!

Add a little Louisiana Style Remoloude Sauce for dipping and you are good to go.


"Don't Be Where They Are, Be Where They're Gonna Be"