Well here's Max's 2nd! No exciting fight afterwards this time... I hit a little more solid with the 20 gauge than I intended.... he was running from tree to tree and I wanted to make sure Max got the "prize". I've never seen a dog want something so bad... he'd grab the tree at the height of his jump and hang for a sec before sliding down. LOL

On another note that night my poor hound in the dark ran a fence wire into his eye... I had to hold the wire still near him and break it with my other hand... it didn't puncture his eyeball but went into the socket. It swelled for a day or 2 but seems to be ok now. His vision seems fine, but the eye is seeping a little. The white of his eye is white, but the pink under his eye ball is more reddish. I'm sure he'll be fine but he put the scare into me pretty bad. A fella can sure get attached to these ol hounds. ;\)

Yotehntr Calls ....put something pretty on your lips. ;\)