After making some minor changes to the 50 cal DISC I purchased from Double Drops, I took it the range this evening after work and fired off a couple satisfactory groups. Shooting from a bench with bags, and using 100 grains Trip seven FFg powder, a 300 gr XTP and a HPH 24 sabot. Iron sights at 40 yards.

Now its time to top with a Nikon Pro Staff 3x9 and scoot target back to the 100 yard line. I converted this original disc rifle to an Extreme with the conversion kit bearing that name. Also swapped out old breech plug for a Knight domed plug. NO Primer fouling!! NO CRUD RING!! Yeah, that was an unepected plus from the new breech plug!
Kyle did me right on the gun, and it's a wonderful addition to my growing arsenal of muzzleloaders. (Have I got an addictive personality or what? :))