For this past season I have seen a decrease in cam pics and actual deer sightings. I have a neighbor who continues to let 2-3 of his 20 plus dogs run wild every morning and of course they end up running deer on my property. I consider him a friend and addressed this many times and it seems he keeps them in when he knows Im hunting but the way I see it the damage is done! I originally requested that the dogs stay put up from October to January but for some reason he has mistaken my kindness for weakness. I recently told him that I had some coyote sightings on the cams and would need to put out some traps which seem to raise some concerns on his part.. He said they would need to be checked every 24 hrs and I told him that was not an option. I have numerous cam pics with his dogs urinating on my feeders and trophy rocks. Need some advise on how to handle this with out losing our friendship since im not on the property full time. And just an FYI He is a retired Attorney!

Thanks for any input
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