man I feel like I have slept on every hunt this year. Or at least a lot of them. I have trouble falling asleep if I go to bed too early (messed up sleep pattern) and then get up very early to hunt, and usually end up dozing off once if not a few times throughout the day. Several times I have dozed off only to wake up to hear the sound of a deer approaching. Once or twice I dozed off only to hear a deer spook very close by because it walked up on me (only happened hunting from the ground).

There's no telling what I may have missed taking those 30 minute tree naps but when I am lightly sleeping I often wake up if anything in the woods makes a noise out of the ordinary, like deer crunching through the leaves or a squirrel real close by. Seems my brain is programmed to wake up when a deer comes in. But then I don't know if I may have missed some deer because I was sleeping for 30 minutes in some cases.

Anyone got any funny stories concerning deer and falling asleep in the woods? I think DA just had one recently if I remember correctly. Lets hear em