There's a proposal in the House Speaker's Office to merge Agriculture and Conservation & Environment Committees with the Chairman coming from Ag. I've been told this merger is to level out the workload - apparently Ag hasn't had a lot of Bills to work on lately, but C&E has had a LOT (most of which were pretty lame to begin with, IMO - and kept getting rolled from one hearing to another, to another, to ...). At the same time, there's a move afoot to limit Reps to filing just 10 Bills to cut down on the workload and wasted time.

Folks I've talked with about this merger proposal do not support it at present - concerns center around when there's a conflict between what Ag wants for commerce and C&E wants for wildlife, Ag wins. This could be a major problem when the w-t deer ranching bill gets filed again this Session (I'm guessing it'll resurface). As sportsmen and sportswomen, we should be very careful that our fish and wildlife interests are not relegated to a lesser level of importance than what currently exists.

Speaker Harwell has readily agreed to meet with a couple of us this Thur to hear our concerns. Hopefully, we'll have a better idea re: the situation afterwards. Stay tuned.
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