Well to be honest I was close to not going out this morning. But like someone said in that thread, "A bad day in the woods is still good". So despite not seeing a deer since Thanksgiving and not seeing a buck since the opening weekend of muzzle loader season I went out and sat in the drizzle.

There were deer there right away, I saw 4 bucks, but let them walk. I could make out 2 forks and a 6 pointer, but due to the mist and fog I just didn't feel good about shooting one of those.

2 hour pass by and I see some does walk way down the creek bed, barely in sight.

Another hour goes and I am trying to get a signal on my phone to text my wife that I'm sitting for another 30 minutes and then heading home. Suddenly I hear a noise next to me. 15 yards away in a buck staring at me. We look at each other, look away, then look again to make sure neither of us is dreaming. I drop my phone and he starts to trot away. Not the full on whitetail leap. He makes it a bit down the hill, so I have to stand to see him. He begins to cross the waterfall and climb the hill I was watching. I have him in my sight, just waiting for him to go broadside and give me the shot. He begins to quarter away and I begin to check my breathing and squeezing the trigger. At that very moment its like something clicked in his head and he does the run leap thing. The rifle goes bang, and his disappears over the spur. I wasn't sure if I got him, I even figured I missed. But I decide to drop my chair, shooting stick and jacket off at the truck before I go looking for him.

Well I got him. The weird angle, has the bullet entering his back, 8" from where the ribs meet the spine, but hit no guts. Somehow it must have bounced off a rib, cause for the first time ever I found the bullet, in his trachea when I was gutting him. He ran about 40 yards and then fell about 70 to the creekbed at the bottom of the hill.

The standard solo hunting kill picture.

View #1 after the 2 hour drag out of the creek and up the hill.

View #2

The processor was nice enough to take this picture of me and my first Tennessee buck.

The bullet, Federal Premium .308, 180gr Trophy Bonded Tip.

And what could be more fitting to celebrate than a sip of this while watching the Badgers in the Rose Bowl?

I'm so glad I made the choice to hit the woods this morning. What a great way to kick off 2013 and end the 2012 deer season. He's not the biggest, but he's going to be the first of many to come I hope.

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