So I was hunting yesterday morning and had a nice 8 point buck cruise by at 120+/- yards up the ridge. He was moving through some heavy brush and once I was able to identify him as a buck I wanted to shoot, the shot window was marginal. I continued to squeeze the trigger and right has I did he quartered away. I tracked for blood for an hour and did not locate any sign of a hit. I am confident I missed and the buck is still out roaming the woods. I would of like to have made a kill shot but the next thing best thing in my book is clean miss IMO!
My questions are as follows… What experience have you all had with shooting and missing bucks and then hunting that property a few days later to try and hunt the same deer? I have hunted this stand location 4 times in the past 2 weeks and I have been fortunate enough to see deer, bucks and does, on every sit. All sits have been in the morning. Planning on going in the morning and I am debating if I should hunt a food plot on another farm which has had little pressure on it for the last month or (at least on our side of the fence line) or should go to the other farm and hunt the same stand location I missed that buck on New Year’s eve morning. THis stand location sits adjacent to a power line thicket and the deer are moving on top the ridge where another poine thicket is. Looks like a North Wind for tomorrow which is favorable for both stand locations. Any ides or input is appreciated. Thanks.