My step son hasn't ever really shown any intrest in hunting but, loves to shoot my guns. He's a crack shot actually and can nock 22 shell cases off with my 22. He came to me the other night and asked if I would take him hunting, I was thrilled that he wanted to go but, nervous that he wouldn't enjoy it all that well since I'd not been seeing any deer movement. I had checked the hay bale where my son had missed the coyote the other day but, didn't see anything. We were talking when I saw movement in the very direction I'd just scanned with the binos and low and behold there was a coyote setting on that dang bale again. I got my step son readed for the shot but, he couldn't find it through the scope. I pulled up the binos but, the obvious outline of the yote was gone and I could barely make out the difference in the coyotes fur and the color of the bale. After what must have been 5 minutes he thought that he could see the coyote so I "whooped" to it and it raised up. He was on it and fired and as if it was scripted the yote jumped up just as before but, landed infront of the bale and ran out into the field. This was a mistake and Jake was tracking it through the scope and when I asked if he was on it and he replied yes, I "whooped" again and it stopped and he made a perfect 228 yard shot with the 243, dropping the yote in her tracks.He was thrilled and so was I.

On another note, my wife came running into the bed room in a panic and said "honey the coyotes are after a calf". I jumped up grabbed the kids 243 and tore out the back door with my wife in tow. I got a rest on the railing and a cow was doing her best to keep 3 yotes off her new born. My wife screamed at them (I looked at her and said "your not helping her by yelling at them")and a single yote took across the field in a dead run and I put the cross hairs where I thought it was going and as it entered the scope I fired. The yote looked like it had been hit by a hammer and spun 180 degrees stone cold dead. I tried to get on another yote but, it got into the woods before and never stopped. I went out and checked the on the calf which was alive but, they had caught it and it had holes in it's head and muzzle and was in shock but, would survive.The wife took it to the barn and put the mom and calf in a stall and doctored it up. I think she stayed there most of the night with them. The yote was a huge female that was covered in mites. I couldn't believe the shot as it was 280 yards (ranged the next day) and running flat out. That T/C Venture is a shooting son of a gun.
If not for bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all.