I'd planned on hunting this morning and if I saw a doe I'd take her. About 8:30 I had one run through about 50 yards to my right with a 6 pointer grunting his head off and trailing behind her about 150 feet. She got broadside and locked up with her ears thrown forward like she had heard or had seen something. The 6 pointer was closing in. Boom! She went down in her tracks and the buck turned and ran. About 10 I climbed down and pulled my stand. I carried everything over to a small road I'd walked in on before going back for my doe. When I got to her I was shocked to find out she was a he. His right antler was broken and only 1.5" long. I had to roll him over to see his left side. He'd damaged his pedicel before antler growth had started and his entire 5" antler had grown straight down along the side of his face; even growing into the top part of his face next to his eye. The bottom 3" was covered in decaying black velvet that he was unable to shed. There wasn't even a burr visible on top of his head. With his ears cupped forward I never saw the broken antler and even without ears there was no way to see the deformity of his other side. And then there was that 6 pointer in full chase and grunting. Anyway I'd have bet my life it was a doe. The club ruled that it was a spike so now I'm bucked out for the year and looking for a local spot to maybe get to hunt for what, in my opinion, should still be my second buck. I may go back to Ames for another doe before it's over with but I may have found 200 unhunted acres a few miles from the house to look for antler. Thems the breaks....

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