Bow hunting from ground this evening where I thought the does would come by, well they did, all but one were just out of bow range and I drew back on the closest while she was behind brush, but she must have picked up the movement because 10 seconds later she bolted a little distance away... Another doe saw my movement but none of the deer blew or ran off, they made their way to a cut field where I stalked up and watched em, had one come into range but quartering to me and in the last 10 minutes of light so she survived... No arrows flung tonight but I know where to go Friday evening which will be my last day hunting the spot this season, then on to yanahli with the gun on Sunday to finish it up.

Just wanted to share the experience, quite a few slick heads this evening and I will close in on their travel route tomorrow eve if its not raining, and Friday evening. Been a good deer season so far, would be awesome to finish it with a bow kill from the ground with no blind.