Spent the weekend hunting at a buddy's place in Lauderdale Co. I have a track record here for deer falling into the deepest ravines on the property and this weekend was no exception.

Saturday was cold, wet, windy and snowy. I saw 6 or 7 does followed by a juvenile buck move along a tree line. Saturday afternoon, we elected to watch bowl games, drink beer and eat some hearty, Buffalo Rump Roast stew.

Sunday morning, I returned to the same stand and saw two does move across the same treeline. About 10:30, I decided to get down and go investigate the corner of the CRP field to see where the deer were going. When I got 20 yards from the corner, two does jumped up out of the CRP. One bolted and one stood there broadside looking at me. Without thinking, I raised my gun and shot. She took two jumps and sailed over the side of a ravine, sliding down a steep drainage to her death.

If you look closely near the left corner at the above pic, you'll see a patch of white behind some saplings. That is the doe.

-slid down this ravine after going airborne.

The hillsides were still covered in a hard frost, so a slid on my butt down to the doe, texted my buddy and immediately began guttering her. A few minutes later he shows up with another friend in tow. We laughed for a moment about the fact that every deer I have killed on this property has ended up in the single worst location a deer could end up. A quick assessment concluded that there was no way we were getting that deer out without a winch or a long rope to tie to the truck. So, we all three went to work on the doe and got her skinned quartered and bagged up in a matter of minutes. We each hauled a load out and went back to the house where we cooked up the heart for breakfast.

That should close my season out: 5 does and 2 bucks

Definitely had a great season and probably the most social deer hunting season I have had thus far. I spent quite a bit of time hunting with friends either at deer camp or on their respective leases. I let the biggest deer I have ever seen walk as it was just a few yards over a property line. I was out of the country for the forst 2 weeks of Dec this year, but, as it turns out, that was some of the consistently worst rut weather we've had in recent memory, so I don't feel like that put a damper on my deer hunting at all.
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