I've been looking at these for a while now. Can't seem to make my mind up. Looking for a small game/small varmint gun in rimfire....but hotter than a 22 LR. A .17 seems like it would be fun...close in ballistic numbers to the old 5 mm Rem Mag...and from what I'm seeing in stores, comes in a few more stock and barrel configurations than the 22 Mag. But...heaviest bullets I've seen are just 20 grains and seems like if the wind was anything above dead calm, that it would be a hard round to stay on course. Per 50 rnd box they are about the same as a 22 Mag...only for now, you can find them in stores fairly easy.

Then there's the 22 Mag. Been around a while...comes in about 30-50 grain bullets...heavier but slower than the 17...BUT if the 17 were offered in heavier bullets, velocity would be about the same. Heavier bullet = steadier in wind and longer ranges. Which is a big plus for what I want to do. Problem seems to be...seems to be very limited in what new firearms are out there, and all I've found are in standard barrels and have cheap stocks. 22 Mag ammo seems to be getting scarce too.

Any suggestions? Looking to spend between $220-280. Not over $300. I found some nice Savage 17s but they were varmint barrels with thumbhole laminated stocks...price was $319. Also looked at a CZ 455 in 17 that was $395...way out of my price range. The Savage wasn't bad heavy with target barrel but I didn't like the thumbhole stock....or $319 lol