Call it unfortunate or call I whatever u want, but all the events thats happened to me makes me want to change my username to black cloud. Season started off good when I killed 2 during bow season 30min apart. The minute after that it went to you know where. As I attempted to cart both deer out I messed my back up which enabling me to get out of bed for a couple weeks until I could heal. After getting back into the saddle I missed a doe with my bow trotting by which is understandable but forgetting to nock a arrow at the next one 30min later and dry firing my bow is not. Muzzleloader I called in a nice 130 class 10pt. After watching him for 30min and as with light fading I finally took the shot. As the smoke cleared the buck walked off. Either my old man added a extra charge to it (when he used it in kansas the week before) or he didnt seat the bullet good. Not only did I miss but the gun kocked the crap out of me. Week later I rattled in a diff buck bout the same size and before I cud get a shot off out of nowhere a helicopter comes out of nowhere and hovers over my head treetop high scaring it off. Week later finally I think im gona get my chance at a buck ive been after for 2yrs and out of nowhere a trespasser walkes out across the powerline scaring it off. Then I think I can get in on a little of the late rut but my employeer (csx) forces me qualify on a diff railroad 100miles away from home until the 7th of january. I have had a few days off but since ive had to stay away from my fam a week at a time its not right for me to go to the woods. Im am home now and I see the rain is supposed to move out at daylight. So just more
sitting and im hanging it up. I just hope the rain clouds lift off me the same time the black clouds do too. I hope such unlucky events like this didnt occur to anyone else