It is titled: Gangel's Encyclopedia of Modern Cooking - 7th edition. Written by Joseph Gancel, a Frenchman. Copyright: 1920.

Apparently, Mr. Gancel did not care for the cuisine of the Orient..."Culinary art is very poor in China and Japan" begins his chapter on the subject.

Another excerpt (Just for Poser):

"All feet of animals employed in alimentation are edible. When they are well prepared they make a delicious food. The feet of pig, mutton, and veal contain a large substance of gelatine are given to invalids and convalescents. In cooking, do not forget that they should be highly seasoned. Scald well, take out the bones and cook white or braised according to style."

That is in the "Lights" butcher terms the lights are composed of: head, ears, brains, tongue, sweetbreads, liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, haslets, fry, feet, palate, snout, tail, and udder.
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