Okay, as I start this story I am actually partially excited and partially let down knowing that he has probably survived the season. Now making it through winter might be tough! I have watched this deer all summer and all fall. I watched as he literally grew into something special! I found his weakness was the apple and persimmon tree! As you can see from the pictures he was something special for sure! I have no idea what he would have scored with a matching right side, but I am actually not worried about it. He started off both sides perked up and growing right and then one evening his right side was flopped over. Well, I had seen this before and usually it would just fall off. Well a few weeks later, it wasnt falling off, rather it was still growing outward until he came to be what it is now. As the weeks of opening bow season approached, the apples on the tree were starting to become scarce and the persimmons where still sour as ever. One week before it opened, he literally went completely nocturnal. So I didnt have high hopes going into that saturday. I knew my chances where going to be few and far in between because I had just been hired and accepted into the Police Academy and I left the Oct 1st. So I hunted that morning, and nothing. That evening as time was winding down, I look out of the blind and well here he comes, first time I had seen him in person. Of course he came broadside at 30 yards exactly. This was a chip shot and had no reservations on taking the shot with my blackhawk XP. Got anchored and let the arrow fly! From what I could see it looked like an awesome hit, the arrow was flopping around as he ran away. I literally ran all the way home with excitement on how it worked out. Dad and I go to tracking and found the arrow broke about 75 yards away. I started getting worried because of no blood and the arrow was broke way down towards the tip. I measured about 3-4" of penetration with my Montec. We tracked by tracks for about 75yards and found 4-5 small drops of blood. we went about 20 more yards and decided to back out. Go back the next morning and 10 yards past where I found the arrow, layed the broadhead. NOW I was really worried. To make a long story short, no deer, no sign. Gutwrenched, not knowing how it happened or what had happened, I went on to LE Academy, calling daily to see if he had shown up. Absolutely nothing! About 3-4 weeks later, I decided to call a neighbor down the road and see if he had possibly seen buzzards or the deer. He hadnt but he would keep his eye out. Thinking I had lost him to the coyotes, November 21st comes around and low and behold I get a picture of him favoring his right leg but still healthy. My neighbor calls and said he had gotten a week of photos of him the same week. So, I am back in the game. I hunted off and on when I could get time away from the academy but still he was un-patternable thanks to me! Well just last week, I get photos of him and he had dropped the good side and the right brow tine was gone. I am thinking he got some spunk and tried to fight and it went to the ground. So needless to say, I believe he will survive, not only because he dropped his huge "shoot me" side but he is smart! I am excited about what comes of him this winter and how this leg injury effects the odd rack he already has. Figured I would share my little story and see how it goes!