After 30 years of hunting my family's farm in North Mississippi, I have only seen 1 or 2 turkey on 2 occasions many years ago. All of my turkey hunting experience has been in middle TN. Last Saturday while deer hunting in Mississippi, I jumped a huge flock. I set up to deer hunt not far from where I jumped the turkeys and I got a chance to listen and watch 2 or 3 hens reassemble the flock. Ended up being about 20 birds. Took them 2 hours to fully reassemble but it taught me a thing or two about hen calls. Must say it was the coolest thing to see. purpose for the post. What is the best way to manage the land to ensure that we maintain a healthy turkey population on the property? Right now it's extremely thick with mostly cedar, pine, and oak. There is a ton of under brush from bad management in the past. We are planning to bulldoze some areas for shooting lanes and to cut open old pathways/roads. Depending on how that goes, we plan to put in food plots as well.