Well the best I can figure out Rocky is now 9 months old. And I really havn't had him in the woods too much With this cool spell in I figured snakes would be down and the feel of that cool air really made me want to get in the woods.

Anyway, I wanted to take a walk so I took Rocky with me. I didn't think he would do much just stay at my feet.

We get to one of my opening day honey holes and Cory and I let Rocky out of the BRONCO. Well was we supprised!!! He took off like a rocket! He smelled of every leaf, and log. He tracked serval squirrels but didn't know what to do with the smell. (Cold Tracks) You could tell it was a squirrel by the way he went back and forth in sharp angles. NOSE ON THE GROUND!!! the whole way he really has a nose on him!!! He would go out up to 100 yards and comeback and check in every 10 minutes!!! GREAT FOR A PUP that hasn't been in the woods since Feb. (He was 4 months old).

One other thing, He wanted to circle around us alot and come up from behind us. Which is fine, but if I wanted to go somewhere else, I just had to holler at him and he would come, very easy to command!!!!!

Man there is a lot of truth in some dogs just have it in them. And I think rocky is going to make a great one!!!!

I just need a squirrel to run out infront of him!!!!

TIKKA: You have to get these dogs out!!!! I bet Smokey JR, will do the same!!!!

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