This pic is from 11-27-2010 of a particular Stewart Co., TN buck I was monitoring. I'd say the rut peak was about a week or so earlier than the pic, but notice he appears to be out "cruising" in the late morning.

Also notice he has only one antler. I believe he broke it off fighting another buck in late October. I also believe his having only one antler is why he survived the 2010 deer season, as he did provide multiple hunters with high-probability shots, and some were about to pull their triggers, only stopping upon realizing he "only had one antler, so I let him walk".

Not only has this particular buck played into "Wesley's High Grading Theory", but he (and a few others) have interjected much about the few above-average-antlered 1 1/2 to 3 1/2's that survive to maturity (4 1/2 and older).

Will add more to this thread later.

But for now, what would you guess his age to have been in the Fall of 2010 when this pic was taken?