Being only my second year deer hunting it has been a season of some ups and downs as well as some emotional roller coasters. From the butcher shop letting my opening day buck go bad to the big 5-pointer I got today (see pic below) God has blessed me greatly. I have managed to drop 2 where they stood and killed all 5 of my deer (counting last years buck as well) with a single shot from my .308. I also stretched out my furthest shot with 2 different deer to roughly 190 yards.

This guy was nerve wracking. I had gone to the place I have permission to hunt hoping to take a doe to round out the season but only saw a young spike at 8:30 am and this guy at 10:30. I setup and aimed at him but thought "God, I said I was going to only take a doe. But God I can't pass him up." Took my time and aimed for a nice broad side shot. When I fired he bounced off to my left and hopped a barbed wire fence onto some neighboring property. I never heard him crash and his body language showed no sign that I had hit him at all.

Immediately I began to stress, wondering if I had wounded him or hopefully outright missed him. I walked down to where he had stood when I shot and saw no blood. Then I searched along the fence line, again finding no blood. Beginning to think that perhaps I had completely missed him I found a single drop of blood on some pine needles right at the fence line. "Great, I wounded him."

After getting the okay to look for him I crawled under the fence and started searching for him. Flound this buck laying about 20 yards across the fence. He had crashed across a log and didn't make any noise.

He's now boned out, roasts and steaks trimmed up and in the freezer and I'll be grinding the burger in the morning. His head is also in the freezer waiting for a free weekend to do a euro mount.

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas.