Coyote hunted this morning in Ky. First time out this yr and we called one in within 5 mins on our first sit. Guess i got to excited and pulled the shot and it was a clean miss. Big ol beautiful blonde yote that i seen during deer seaon.

Did 2 more sits on my place with no luck and decided to try my buddies pasture field. 3 sits there with no luck.

Got him to help me with swapping refrigerators out with my grandparents. We were pulling up at there house and he spotted a lone yote about 50 yards off the road and pretty close to my gparents neighbors house. We hopped out of the truck and luckily had a hill between us and the yote. We got to about 50 yds from where we thought it was but she still couldnt have a clue we were sneaking up. I set the call on the pond bank,and we set up behind a tree. Not 5 seconds after i turned the call on she came hopping over the hill. One shot to the head from my buddies 22-250 and thats all she wrote.

Going at it in the morning also. Hope to redeem my miss \:D

I didnt get a pic of the other side (or what was left), but a head shot from a 22-250 is gruesome!

NO1 Greater- Ky Wildcats!!

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