We can all agree he has been the best gun salesman so far since first elected in 2008, now with the horrible tragedy that happened in CT, instead of focusing on real issues, as Rahmbo Emmanuel said, "never let a tragedy go to waste" he is pulling a knee-jerk reaction and proposing an assault weapons ban.

As we know, assault weapons are fully automatic, registered and closely monitored by the BATFE. The copies of assault weapons are just that, semi-automatic copies, not actual assault weapons.

I want to see how everyone feels about this proposal, about how Dicks Sporting Goods pulled every Modern Sporting Rifle styled on the AR platform, and if hunters care.

We don't need to be our own worse enemy, and I have already seen some hunters on YouTube do this saying "we don't hunt with AR's" or "we don't need sniper rifles" not understanding your bolt action with a scope is a sniper rifle in liberals eyes.

If hunters allow and tolerate this ban, especially with this administration which is much more liberal and dangerous than Clinton's, it won't stop there.

How do you all feel?