last year when deer season was over, I was searching craigslist for a boat. Now, I will be doing more work on it. I'm going to have it up on the trailer or some kind of supports and fill with a few inches of water, and mark all the leaks since it still leaks after patching most of the rivets with 5200.

In line for this winter are patching leaks - drilling out old rivets and replacing with stainless steel bolts and marine sealant, and drilling/installing a drain hole and plug since my boat has none. And I might try the pitchfork trick for my outboard. And I will put new lube in the lower unit. It's a 5 horse air cooled briggs - any specific oil that will work best, or any higher weight motor oil will do?

Also maybe later in the winter when it's warmer, I will probably go and strip down the whole trailer, and put on a fresh new coat of paint. Can't decide... olive drab to match the boat, or red gloss to match my truck, or camo, or black gloss. Currently it is rusted out white paint.

I still intend to keep the interior of the boat basic - no casting deck, etc. I do want to get one or two clamp-on boat seats to go on the bench seats, eventually. But I prefer an open, lightweight, basic jon boat. I can take the gas motor off and with 2 people easily carry it down the the creek, or even drag it by myself.

Been almost a year since I got it... and still got work to do on it! Maybe next year I can actually fish some of the places I wanted to this year. Basically took it on the cumberland for the most part this past summer. Now my generator skipjack and striper fishing might be screwed by the corps. I want to try the pitchfork trick for running my gas motor up the duck river, and maybe even boost the transom up so the prop runs higher in the water.

Anyone else working on their boats this winter? Man I love tin boats, seems you can do just about anything with them.