A friend at work had a custom swamp boat built (he's from Louisiana, and used a shop down there to build it).

I had originally thought he had built a jet-drive boat, but he corrected me by informing me that it's a surface drive boat. It uses a large prop that's half-in/half-out of the water and has extremely low draft all along the hull. It has a "skeg" that keeps the prop from hitting anything damaging.

The way he describes it, it will use soft mud or water to push the boat along, such that it's pretty tough to get stuck. He jumped a few small beaver dams with it this past weekeend. He uses it for duck hunting and fishing for reds/specks in the marshes of LA.

I've been looking to buy a used boat that could run up some large creeks/small rivers for hunting and double as a fishing boat in the meantime. Due to the large number of trees and debris in the water, a traditional outboard just doesn't seem safe to me. One place I plan to go has a full-sized tree submerged inches below the water line not far from the ramp, so I assume the whole run would be no walk in the park.

Curious if you guys have experience with these, or if you'd recommend going a different route.
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