Howa 1500 .223
Kings Desert Shadow camo
Nikko Stirling "nighteater" 3-10X42 scope
Not sure what barrel length you call it, from muzzle to chamber it is like 20".

My good friend bought his daughter the same rifle in black and he said it is a shooter, so we will see.

Tried the "claw" sling, never had one before but I think I like it.
Tried to buy a bi-pod but they didn't have one in stock that swiveled so I held off on that.

No big deal because they had ZERO .223 shells in the entire store.
They said it has been non-stop from open till close for the last 3 days.
I saw one man buy 4 Marlin bolt action rifles while I was there.
When they called mine in, there were 9 background checks "in process".
Took mine about 1 1/2 hours to clear.

Now I just need to hear the top 3 or 4 suggestions as to bullets for coyotes and I will go from there.... whenever I can actually buy some.

Yes I am excited and felt like a woman shopping for shoes when I was picking out a sling that matched as close as possible. \:D

Sorry for the picture quality, my new smart phone don't have the best camera.
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